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04 May 2016

Here's a recent favourite from a wedding I photographed at the magnificent Kedleston Hall. It shows the bride making her arrival and waving to her father.

kedleston hall wedding

Wedding photo!

26 April 2016

Here's an image showing something a little bit different - a 'first look.' This is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day, before the ceremony itself, allowing the reactions of both the bride and groom to be captured. It's not common practice in the UK but has been popular in the USA for some years now!

first look wedding photo

Wedding photo!

07 April 2016

Here's a recent favourite of mine!

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

22 March 2016

Here's a different shot from the recent wedding at Stanbrook Abbey - this time showing the Great Hall!

Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Wedding photo!

16 March 2016

Here's a stunning after-dark wedding photo from Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Wedding photo!

03 March 2016

Here's a recent shot from Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire!

Stanbrook Abbey Worcestershire wedding

Wedding photos!

11 February 2016

Sure, at weddings most people's eyes are on the bride but that doesn't mean the groom and best man can't have a moment in the spotlight!

Grafton Manor wedding
Grafton Manor
Grafton Manor groom

Wedding photo!

08 February 2016

Here's a shot from Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham!

manor by the lake

Wedding photo!

27 January 2016

Here's another recent favourite of mine, taken at a Christmas wedding at Manor By The Lake

Manor By The Lake

Wedding photo!

27 January 2016

Check out this beautiful wedding photo, taken just before Christmas at the wonderful Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham

Wedding photo!

19 January 2016

I had the pleasure of photographing LeAnne and Ben's wedding just before Christmas at Iscoyd Park.
This is one of my favoutire photos of LeAnna getting ready - Just as she's stepping into the dress. I particularly love the light across her face in this photo and the warmth and colour of the light provided by the winter sun.

wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

18 January 2016

Here's one of my favourites from a recent wedding showing the two adorable bridesmaids.

wedding photographers worcestershire

Wedding Photo!

13 January 2016

Happy new year everyone! I've taken some time off from posting over the festive period, but I'm back with this beauty! This was taken at Grafton Manor in Worcestershire before Christmas.

Grafton Manor Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

15 December 2015

Here's something a little different - Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Baljinder getting ready for his wedding. In this ceremony, the groom's family cover him with tumeric paste!

Wedding photo!

08 December 2015

Here's another beauty from one of this year's weddings at the Chateau Impney Worcestershire!

Chateau Impney wedding

Wedding photo!

30 November 2015

Here's another favourite from a wedding I photographed in July. This image is taken on one of the main balconies of the Chateau Impney in Worcestershire. I took this image with the help of my assistant photographer (and off-camera lighting wizard) Aaron Russel. For a limited time, Aaron is offering his services as a second photographer for only £300.00!

Chateau Impney

Wedding photo!

27 November 2015

Sticking with the black and white theme, here's another favourite from a wedding at the Chateau Impney this summer.

Chateau Impney wedding

Wedding photo!

27 November 2015

I love this image taken back in July - showing the father of the bride seeing his daughter on her wedding day for the first time! Image taken at the magnificent Chateau Impney in Worcestershire.

Chateau Impney wedding

Wedding photo!

22 November 2015

Here's a recent favourite from a wedding at Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire!

Birtsmorton Court Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

10 November 2015

I went for something arty in this wedding photo - allowing the natural light to pick out the wedding shoes

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

03 November 2015

Here's another one of my favourites from a recent wedding at Puckrup Hall

puckrup hall wedding photo

Wedding photo!

31 October 2015

Here's another beauty from a recent wedding at Birtsmorton Court!

birtsmorton court wedding

Wedding photo! [Finally!]

04 October 2015

I've been having huge issues with the blog over the last month, at one point I couldn't log in, and then for the last week the company who host my images lost the use of their servers. But I'm back with this beauty from Nicola and Ross's wedding at the amazing Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire.

Birtsmorton Court Wedding

A long time ago at a wedding far far away...

01 September 2015

Many people have seen my recent Back To The Future wedding photo, including, as it appears, a current client of mine.
When I came to shoot their amazing wedding at Birtsmorton Court yesterday, I was asked by the groom if I could add 'a little something' to one of their photos.
Of course I drank too much coffee, didn't sleep and came up with this:

Star Wars wedding

(Yes, they're pretty big Star Wars fans!)

Wedding photo!

26 August 2015

Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire gave me so many opportunities for beautiful wedding photos, and I particularly loved a this vibrantly coloured gate by the main entrance - Many pictures of the amazing grounds to follow!

Pendrell Hall Wedding

Wedding photo! [With a difference]

24 August 2015

Two Grooms. A Back To The Future inspired wedding. A Delorean.
- This was always going to happen!

back to the future wedding

Wedding photo!

20 August 2015

One of my favourites from a wedding earlier this year at the magnificent Clearwell Castle!

Clearwell Castle wedding

Wedding photo!

18 August 2015

Sticking with the black and white theme and from the same wedding as the last image - Check out Charlene's amazing wedding dress! The bridal suite at Pendrell Hall made for the perfect backdrop for some amazing preparation shots!

pendrell hall wedding

Wedding photo!

17 August 2015

It's been a while since I've blogged but I've been so busy with weddings of late I've not found the time! I was even lucky enough to photograph a wedding in Bournemouth in the last week!
Getting things back on track, here's a lovely black and white wedding photo that was taken at Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire last month.

pendrell hall wedding

The one that got away... [Wedding photo!]

04 August 2015

I'm just going through the process of designing a wedding album for a recent client, and when looking through the photos they have chosen to include, I rediscovered one of my favourite photos from this year - and it's one I've never shared until now!
This was taken as Lydia arrived at Kempsey Church, Worcester before her wedding.

Worcester wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

03 August 2015

These beautiful photos are from a wedding I photographed last month at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon!

Stratford Upon Avon wedding photographer
Wedding photographer Stratford Upon Avon

Wedding photo... Finally!

27 July 2015

I've had such a busy time this last week, meeting a total of 9 new couples who are getting hitched this year and next! It's left me little time to keep the blog up to date so let me get back on track - have a look at this wedding photo I took earlier this month at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon!

RSC wedding

One of my new favourite wedding photos

14 July 2015

I love everything about this image. Taken at a wedding at Deer Park in Worcestershire, I had composed the image like this purposefully - to try and capture the disco lights illuminating the couple from behind - But the combination of the bride and groom kissing, and the disco lights flashing at the same time was pure luck!

Deer Park Worcestershire Wedding

Wedding photos!

07 July 2015

I had a lot of fun photographing Cathy and Andy's wedding last month. These beautiful black and whites were all taken during Cathy's pre-wedding preparations at the Wood Norton Hotel, Worcestershire.

Wood Norton Hotel
wedding photographer worcester
bride getting ready
Wood Norton Hotel Worcestershire
Wedding photographer worcestershire
bride getting ready

Wedding photo!

29 June 2015

I took this beautiful wedding photo at Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire (one of my favourite venues) last month after the sun had set!

deer park weddings

Wedding photo!

17 June 2015

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Cathy and Andy's wedding at one of my favourite venues - Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire. Have a look at this beautiful wedding photo!

Deer Park weddings

Wedding photo!

11 June 2015

Here's another favourite from a recent wedding - this time taken at Malvern Winter Gardens (Worcestershire) which adjoins Malvern Registry office.

Malvern registry office

Wedding photo!

07 June 2015

Here's another beautiful wedding photo taken at the Cotford Hotel in Worcestershire recently. To overcome the bright midday sun, my assistant Aaron lit the couple with a studio light for this awesome result!

Worcestershire wedding photo

Wedding photo

01 June 2015

This beautiful and dramatic wedding photo is one of my favourites from Francey and Phil's May wedding. To create this image, I was assisted by fellow wedding photographer Aaron Russell and used studio style outdoor lighting. The backdrop for this wedding photo is the beautiful Cotford Hotel in Malvern, Worcestershire where the only thing better than the gardens is the incredible food!

Strobist wedding photo

Wedding photo!

29 May 2015

I've been crazy busy the last week editing 3 sets of wedding photos - and check out this awesome beauty!

amazing weddings

Wedding photos on their way!

23 May 2015

It's that exciting time again - two newlywed couples are about to receive their wedding photos!
Here we have a USB case on the left and a DVD case on the right

USB case for wedding photos

Wedding photos!

14 May 2015

Have a look at these beautiful wedding photos I took last month at The Nash in Worcestershire!

The Nash Kempsey
The Nash wedding

Wedding photos!

06 May 2015

Check out these awesome wedding photos I took at Clearwell Castle - Trying something different really worked out!

clearwell castle wedding
clearwell castle

Getting ready for tomorrow's wedding

02 May 2015

I'm gearing up for tomorrow's wedding at Curradine Barns and thought I'd share one of my favourites from the last wedding I did there!

curradine barns

Wedding photos!

27 April 2015

I have so many beautiful wedding photos to share from recent weddings, there's so many to choose from!
These are from Helen & Kirk's wedding at Clearwell Castle - the bridal suite was huge, beautiful and provided both the perfect environment and the perfect light!

Clearwell Castle wedding
Wedding photographer Worcestershire
Clearwell Castle wedding
Wedding photographer Worcestershire
Clearwell Castle wedding
Wedding photographer Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

20 April 2015

I love these two photos for the story they tell - The bride is looking at her husband to be who's just arrived in the grounds below, whilst hiding behind her bridesmaid, trying not to be seen!

Clearwell Castle wedding

Wedding photo!

13 April 2015

Clearwell Castle has to be one of the best places I've worked in recent years - It's almost as if someone designed a venue specifically for wedding photos!
The steps of the main entrance made the perfect backdop for the main group photo, and this awesome confetti shot too!

Clearwell Castle wedding

Wedding photo!

08 April 2015

At my most recent wedding I took the opportunity to use the beautiful light pouring in through a massive window at the Nash to light the bride, Lydia. I think the result is stunning!

The Nash Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

06 April 2015

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of delivering Lydia and Ashley's wedding photos to them. It took the newlyweds a good couple of hours to go through all of the images, but when they did I received a message thanking me for my hard work with the compliment "these are the best wedding photos we've ever seen!"

The Nash Kempsey

Wedding photo!

02 April 2015

I loved working at Clearwell Castle, it offered up so many beautiful locations to shoot at! This was taken right on the front lawn. As the castle was in direct sunlight with Helen and Kirk being in the shade, I lit the bride and groom using an off camera flash that was being held by my assistant Aaron. There are many great reasons for having a second photographer at your wedding, and helping me light awesome images like this is one of them!

clearwell castle wedding

Wedding photo!

28 March 2015

I had an amazing time photographing Helen & Kirk's wedding at the magnificent Clearwell Castle only a few weeks ago. This beautiful photo shows the father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day.

Clearwell Castle wedding

Wedding photo!

27 March 2015

Here's another wedding photo from Aimee & Tom's Deer Park Hall wedding!

Deer Park Hall wedding

Wedding photo!

26 March 2015

Aimee and Tom got married a few weeks ago at the magnificent Deer Park Hall - An absolute favourite wedding venue of mine!

Deer Park Hall wedding

Third wedding in two weeks is tomorrow...

13 March 2015

... And I couldn't be more excited! Last weeks wedding was amazing, as was the wedding before it. This time, I'm heading to the Nash at Kempsey in Worcestershire for a wedding a lot closer to home. Stay tuned - many, many new photos to come!

Wedding photos!

10 March 2015

I shot the most amazing wedding at Clearwell Castle on Sunday. I have some 4,000 photos to edit, but watch this space and I'll share them as soon as I can!
In the mean time here's some beautiful bride-preparation photos I took at a wedding last summer!

wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire

Wedding photo!

05 March 2015

I've had many people lately complimenting my black and white images - Check out this image of the bride having her makeup applied from a wedding in the week before Christmas!

wedding photographer worcestershire

Wedding photo!

25 February 2015

I LOVE this wedding photo I took at Dumbleton Hall at the end of last year. This was taken just as the main doors opened, allowing the bride to see the groom for the first time.

Dumbleton Hall wedding

Wedding photo!

16 February 2015

I provide all day coverage as standard when I photograph weddings, which usually means 12 or 14 hours on my feet in a single day - It's exhausting, but at least I don't end up looking like this young fellow who was all wedding'd out!

wedding photographer in worcestershire

Wedding photo!

13 February 2015

Every time I read a photographer's bio and they describe themselves as a "natural light photographer" it just makes me think they don't know how to use flash properly. Take this photo for example - Taken after the sun had set and using two flashes. I think it's a keeper, and a "natural light photographer" wouldn't have stood a chance in getting this photo!

winter wedding worcestershire

Wedding photo!

11 February 2015

Check out this beauty in black and white from this year's first wedding!

Winter wedding Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

04 February 2015

The year is only 35 days old and I've already photographed my first wedding!
Check out this beautiful photo taken after the sunset would you believe?!

Winter wedding

New wedding album prices announced!

27 January 2015

I have lowered the prices of my digital storybook albums with immediate effect. The albums are exactly the same as they were before, with the same immaculate quality from the existing manufacturer, and they still come with the matching presentation case too!

Previous prices:
A4 Album: £450.00
30cm Square Album: £550.00
A3 Album: £650.00

New for 2015 prices:
A4 Album: £375.00 (saving of £75.00)
30cm Square Album: £425.00 (saving of £125.00)
A3 Album: £475.00 (saving of £175.00)

For a full break down of costs, visit the "Prices" page by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

Merry Christmas everyone!

24 December 2014

I'm taking a few days off over the festive period but just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!
I shot a wedding on Saturday so keep an eye out for photos appearing on the blog in the coming weeks.

Pre-wedding photo

17 December 2014

James and Nikki are getting married this Saturday and the magnificent Dumbleton Hall - and here's a shot from their pre-wedding photo shoot!

Dumbleton Hall wedding

Engagement shoot photo!

08 December 2014

Here's another image from my recent engagement shoot at Dumbleton Hall

Dumbleton Hall wedding

I'm back!

28 November 2014

I'm back from spending the majority of this month in Florida, and straight back into work. Check out this image from my new portfolio - It's one of my all time favourites!

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

23 November 2014

Check out this beauty from last month!

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Have you seen the new portfolio yet?

11 November 2014

I recently updated my wedding portfolio with many never-seen-before images - if you haven't seen it yet, click here to take a look. Here's one of the images I've included:

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

07 November 2014

Yes I'm 5,000 miles away in sunny Florida but that's not going to stop me sharing some recently taken beautiful wedding photos with you!
Here's a shot from back in September

wedding photographer worcester

Off on holiday

29 October 2014

Hello everyone, just a quick note to say I'm off on holiday for a month but I am still contactable in a number of ways:

You can email me at
You can contact me using the contact form on the left side of the website or by clicking here.
You can message me on Facebook, just search for "Wedding Photography by Lee Webb" or use the link on the left.

I am taking bookings currently for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and I have dates available for meetings in December.

See you soon!

Wedding photos!

23 October 2014

Have a look at these beautiful wedding photos I took at Deer Park Hall!

Deer Park Hall wedding
wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

21 October 2014

He's a beautiful wedding photo I took on a sunny day last month at one of my favourite wedding venues - Deer Park Hall!

Deer Park Hall wedding

Here's to you, beautiful people!

13 October 2014

So recently I was accused of only photographing models for the wedding photographs I display on my website.
The actual comment went something like this:

"I bet none of the people on your website are real, they're probably all models from one of those days you can go on and build a portfolio"

After the initial shock I came to realise this worked as a compliment in my favour, both of my photography and of all the lovely and wonderful people I photograph. Because everyone's beautiful.
Thank you all for making my work so effortless.

P.s. None of the people on my website are models, they are all in fact real people from real weddings - Although you will be forgiven for thinking otherwise!

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