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Wedding photo!

28 March 2015

I had an amazing time photographing Helen & Kirk's wedding at the magnificent Clearwell Castle only a few weeks ago. This beautiful photo shows the father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day.

Clearwell Castle wedding

Wedding photo!

27 March 2015

Here's another wedding photo from Aimee & Tom's Deer Park Hall wedding!

Deer Park Hall wedding

Wedding photo!

26 March 2015

Aimee and Tom got married a few weeks ago at the magnificent Deer Park Hall - An absolute favourite wedding venue of mine!

Deer Park Hall wedding

It's that time again...

19 March 2015

It's that exciting time again when 3 sets of newlyweds are about to receive their wedding photos from me!
The image below shows two USB cases and a DVD case. The best thing with these cases is they come from the same manufacturer that makes my wedding albums so everything ties together nicely!

wedding photos

Third wedding in two weeks is tomorrow...

13 March 2015

... And I couldn't be more excited! Last weeks wedding was amazing, as was the wedding before it. This time, I'm heading to the Nash at Kempsey in Worcestershire for a wedding a lot closer to home. Stay tuned - many, many new photos to come!

Wedding photos!

10 March 2015

I shot the most amazing wedding at Clearwell Castle on Sunday. I have some 4,000 photos to edit, but watch this space and I'll share them as soon as I can!
In the mean time here's some beautiful bride-preparation photos I took at a wedding last summer!

wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire
wedding photographer worcestershire

Wedding photo!

05 March 2015

I've had many people lately complimenting my black and white images - Check out this image of the bride having her makeup applied from a wedding in the week before Christmas!

wedding photographer worcestershire

Wedding photo!

25 February 2015

I LOVE this wedding photo I took at Dumbleton Hall at the end of last year. This was taken just as the main doors opened, allowing the bride to see the groom for the first time.

Dumbleton Hall wedding

Wedding photo!

16 February 2015

I provide all day coverage as standard when I photograph weddings, which usually means 12 or 14 hours on my feet in a single day - It's exhausting, but at least I don't end up looking like this young fellow who was all wedding'd out!

wedding photographer in worcestershire

Wedding photo!

13 February 2015

Every time I read a photographer's bio and they describe themselves as a "natural light photographer" it just makes me think they don't know how to use flash properly. Take this photo for example - Taken after the sun had set and using two flashes. I think it's a keeper, and a "natural light photographer" wouldn't have stood a chance in getting this photo!

winter wedding worcestershire

Wedding photo!

11 February 2015

Check out this beauty in black and white from this year's first wedding!

Winter wedding Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

04 February 2015

The year is only 35 days old and I've already photographed my first wedding!
Check out this beautiful photo taken after the sunset would you believe?!

Winter wedding

New wedding album prices announced!

27 January 2015

I have lowered the prices of my digital storybook albums with immediate effect. The albums are exactly the same as they were before, with the same immaculate quality from the existing manufacturer, and they still come with the matching presentation case too!

Previous prices:
A4 Album: £450.00
30cm Square Album: £550.00
A3 Album: £650.00

New for 2015 prices:
A4 Album: £375.00 (saving of £75.00)
30cm Square Album: £425.00 (saving of £125.00)
A3 Album: £475.00 (saving of £175.00)

For a full break down of costs, visit the "Prices" page by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

Wedding photo!

11 January 2015

I shot a beautiful wedding just before Christmas at Dumbleton Hall. The bride and groom had done an amazing job turning the venue into a festive wonderland!

Dumbleton Hall wedding

Merry Christmas everyone!

24 December 2014

I'm taking a few days off over the festive period but just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!
I shot a wedding on Saturday so keep an eye out for photos appearing on the blog in the coming weeks.

Pre-wedding photo

17 December 2014

James and Nikki are getting married this Saturday and the magnificent Dumbleton Hall - and here's a shot from their pre-wedding photo shoot!

Dumbleton Hall wedding

Engagement shoot photo!

08 December 2014

Here's another image from my recent engagement shoot at Dumbleton Hall

Dumbleton Hall wedding

Recent engagement shoot photo

05 December 2014

I really enjoy engagement/pre-wedding photo shoots - It's a great way for me to get to know my couples a little better, as well as a way for my couples to get to know me a little better too!
The images from engagement shoots are great for use on things such as wedding invitations and signing boards/plates/books for the wedding itself! This image was taken at Dumbleton Hall

Worcestershire engagement photo

Wedding photo!

30 November 2014

Here's a recent wedding photo I love - big veils make for epic pictures!

Long wedding veil

I'm back!

28 November 2014

I'm back from spending the majority of this month in Florida, and straight back into work. Check out this image from my new portfolio - It's one of my all time favourites!

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

23 November 2014

Check out this beauty from last month!

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Have you seen the new portfolio yet?

11 November 2014

I recently updated my wedding portfolio with many never-seen-before images - if you haven't seen it yet, click here to take a look. Here's one of the images I've included:

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

09 November 2014

Check out this awesome wedding photo from last month!

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

07 November 2014

Yes I'm 5,000 miles away in sunny Florida but that's not going to stop me sharing some recently taken beautiful wedding photos with you!
Here's a couple I shot back in September

wedding photographers in Worcestershire

wedding photographer worcester

Off on holiday

29 October 2014

Hello everyone, just a quick note to say I'm off on holiday for a month but I am still contactable in a number of ways:

You can email me at
You can contact me using the contact form on the left side of the website or by clicking here.
You can message me on Facebook, just search for "Wedding Photography by Lee Webb" or use the link on the left.

I am taking bookings currently for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and I have dates available for meetings in December.

See you soon!

Wedding photos!

23 October 2014

Have a look at these beautiful wedding photos I took at Deer Park Hall!

Deer Park Hall wedding
wedding photographers in Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

21 October 2014

He's a beautiful wedding photo I took on a sunny day last month at one of my favourite wedding venues - Deer Park Hall!

Deer Park Hall wedding

Here's to you, beautiful people!

13 October 2014

So recently I was accused of only photographing models for the wedding photographs I display on my website.
The actual comment went something like this:

"I bet none of the people on your website are real, they're probably all models from one of those days you can go on and build a portfolio"

After the initial shock I came to realise this worked as a compliment in my favour, both of my photography and of all the lovely and wonderful people I photograph. Because everyone's beautiful.
Thank you all for making my work so effortless.

P.s. None of the people on my website are models, they are all in fact real people from real weddings - Although you will be forgiven for thinking otherwise!

Deer Park Hall wedding

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