Manor by the Lake weddings
Worcestershire Wedding Photographer
Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

Manor by the Lake Cheltenham Weddings

Manor by the Lake is a beautiful Cheltenham wedding venue, which I've had the pleasure to work at on multiple occasions.

Natalie and Will opted for an outdoor ceremony for their wedding, which was held on the front lawn of the venue. Between the Manor House and the lawn where the wedding ceremony was to take place is this amazing hundred metre long walk, lined either side by the large hand cut bushes you see in the above image. 

I had been in almost an identical position to capture Will and his best man walking to the ceremony only 15 minutes before. 

For me, the thing I like about these two images the most is actually an image that came around 35 minutes later. It was nice to see the groom walking down, alone if not for his best man, and the bride and bridal party walking down the same path - but most importantly, it was lovely to see the bride and groom, now husband and wife, walk back down the exact same path, hand in hand. 

Whilst the image doesn't feature in my portfolio, it did feature in the couple's wedding album, a page from which can be seen below. 

To see the rest of Natalie and Will's wedding album, please click here.

Location: Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham.