Black and White Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Black and White Wedding Photographer

Anyone that knows me, or has spent any time looking at my wedding portfolio will know that I have a huge passion for black and white photography. 

In recent times, black and white photography has been seen as an arty do-over of an image that's not technically perfect, but black and white photography needs to be approached in the same way as colour - Images still need to be well composed and exposed, and in sharp focus. 

As a photographer, it's a different type of focus that I depend upon black and white wedding photography for however. Removing colour from an image allows you to focus in on what's actually happening in the image, without any undue distractions. Good black and white wedding photography comes down to two things - Light, and the form of an image. I feel that this suits my style of photography well, especially as a documentary wedding photographer. A monochrome image has to have a powerful moment of the story of the wedding day in order for it to work. Weak images are made worse by the conversion to monochrome, but a strong image has all of it's best features enriched. 

There is still a valid place for colour photography however, especially when it's the colour within the image that really needs to be emphasised.

Location: Worcestershire.

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