Bredenbury Court
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

'We're super awkward when having our photo taken'

It's one of those where, if I had £1 for every time I had heard this...

And I get it. No one likes being put in cheesy poses, especially when you're being photographed by someone you've only known for a few hours at best. it's also made slightly worse if 80 of your guests happen to be watching at the same time. The most simple photo we can take, that only depends on one skill you learned when you were 12 months old, is a walking shot. All this takes is a nice location (Bredenbury Court is pictures here,) for the two of you to hold hands, take a few steps and just enjoy each other's company. I've said it before but it's worth repeating; usually, the most I'm going to ask of you on your wedding day is that you look at your husband or wife and smile. That's it. And let's be honest - if you can't smile at your partner on your wedding day then me being there might be the least of your problems!

It's perfectly fine to be worried or anxious about having your couple's photos on your wedding day. It would be strange if you weren't a little wary of the experience. But rest assured - gorgeous photos like this are a walk in the park. Literally.

Bride and Groom Bredenbury Court BarnsBride and Groom portrait Bredenbury Court

Bromyard Wedding Photographer

Location: Bredenbury Court Barns.

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