Bromyard Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Bromyard Wedding Photographers

Justine and Stephen got married at St Peters Church in Bromyard. I have spent all morning with Justine and her bridal party, getting ready at the bride's parents house just a few minutes down the road. 

I left 20 minutes before they were due to do so, in order that I could meet the groom, Stephen, at the church in enough time to photograph him and his best men before the arrival of the bride. 

Once I had photographed the groomsmen, they made their way into the church, leaving me outside of the church to await the arrival of the bride's car.  

One of my favourite moments from the bridal party's arrival was when the young page boy's time came to enter the church - he was clearly having none of it! I was positioned inside the church and shooting back out into the hot midday sun outside, making getting the correct exposure very difficult. The page boy took one step inside the church, stopped in his tracks, and burst into tears. Then refused to move entirely! I really like the bridesmaids reactions in this photo, and I especially like how in the background you can see the bride waiting to make her entrance, conscious that everyone inside the church was on their feet, ready for the bride to walk down the aisle with the music already playing. 

Before long, the young page boy was calm and made his way towards the front of the church without delaying the wedding too much!

Location: St Peters Church, Bromyard .

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