Deer Park Hall Wedding Photographs
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Deer Park Hall Wedding Photographer

Documentary wedding photography, with a helping hand...

Documentary wedding photography is a term that's banded around a lot these days, and is used to cover a whole manner of photographic approaches to wedding photography. 

True documentary wedding photography, means to capture a story, as it happens, and be able to tell that story without having to use any words at all. 

My approach to wedding photography is very much documentary in style, but I'm not afraid to give things a helping hand when needed. Take this photo for example - the bride and groom taking their first dance in the panelled hall at Deer Park. A beautiful room, but when the lights are off for the disco, it's very dark in there. Whilst a true documentary photographer would struggle due to the lack of available light, I instead decided to use an off camera flash, controlled by a radio trigger attached to the top of my camera. Which gives me the dramatic light that I dream of, but at the same time allows me to capture natural moments like you see here. 

I was careful to place my flash near the DJ booth, making it appear that the light is natural and coming from the DJ's lights. I waited for the perfect moment to hit the shutter button and the result is what you see above!

Location: Deer Park Hall, Worcestershire.

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