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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Herefordshire Wedding Photographer

Justine and Stephen got married at St Peters Church in Bromyard, and decided to host their wedding reception on a family farm a few miles down the road. 

This do-it-yourself style of wedding reception has both pros and cons - on the plus side, you can have literally whatever you want, as there's no venue putting restrictions on what you can and can't do. The downside is you risk making a lot more work for yourself!

Bromyard Wedding Photographer

I arranged a pre-wedding meeting with the bride and groom a week before the wedding, and when I met with the couple, the weather was some of the worst I'd ever experienced! The rain was coming down sideways and the wind was blowing. On top of that, it was freezing cold, and I really couldn't see how the wedding reception they spoke of could be pulled off - but pull it off they did! 

The couple had an enormous marquee which was decorated internally by their friends and family, and a lot of the things needed for the wedding were made by the bride, groom and their parents. The wedding reception was exactly what the couple had wanted, and the weather held out for us too! It was a bright and sunny day, and even though the rain returned in the evening, we were able to take all of the outdoor photos we needed before getting soaked. 

The setting for the reception was ideal for photography, with a stunning background in every direction, and a mile long drive that provided a wonderful place for natural photos of the couple, as you can see above. 

Location: Herefordshire.

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