Malvern wedding photographer
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Malvern wedding photographer 

Chris and Carly got married at their local church in Malvern, and held their wedding reception at Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire, in the countryside on the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire border. 

The church where Chris and Carly were to be married wasn't situated in acres of grounds, instead it was right on a main road meaning I had to carefully pick and choose where to take my photos. 

I attended the wedding rehearsal a few days before in order to have a look around the venue and make sure I knew where I'd want to take which photos when the big day arrived. The other reason I enjoy attending wedding rehearsals is that I can introduce myself to the vicar, usually resulting in me being allowed to stand where I want during the wedding as by the time of the ceremony, the vicar knows they can trust me!

For Chris' groomsmen photo, I picked this rather ornate church door for the background as I love the shape and colour of the stones on either side. There was a shaft of direct sunlight that was immediately outside of the frame as I took this photo - I initially wanted Chris and his 4 groomsmen stood line abreast, but that would risk one of them being stood in direct sunlight when the remaining groomsmen were stood in the shade. The difference in contrast would be overwhelming for the camera, so instead, I had to get inventive. 

I stood Chris in the middle of his groomsmen, but several paces in front. I then individually placed his ushers on the first step to the church, but with the centre two far enough apart that Chris wouldn't block them from view. 

Having the groom closer to the camera also forces the perspective and makes him larger in the frame, leaving the viewer in no doubt as to who the photo is really all about.

The black and white conversion works particularly well in this image, with the bright sun, albeit not direct, providing ample light and contrast to the photo.

Location: Malvern, Worcestershire.

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