Wood Norton Weddings Photography 2
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Weddings

This image shows the front cover of Alison and Nick's wedding album. The couple got married at the Wood Norton Hotel in Worcestershire on what was the hottest day of the year.

The front cover to their wedding album was acrylic, which is where a photographic image is set behind a 6mm piece of clear acrylic panel with bevelled edges. This is like having a framed photo on the front of your wedding album. The effect is stunning, as it really shows the true colours in the photo and it's a very hard-wearing finish too.

This photo is now one of my more widely recognised images and for good reason; I've not seen anything out there like it before or since! I have used this location for wedding photos at the Wood Norton many times before, but used a slightly different technique this time of placing the flash further away from the couple, using more power and a narrower light beam. When I took the test photo, I was shocked at what I saw - the exposure which I had guessed was perfect, but the sky was filled with white spots. They weren't stars as the exposure speed was too fast for this, plus it was cloudy. I took another photo and looked again - and there were the spots, only this time every single one had moved slightly. They were bugs! The extremely hot day and change of humidity in the late evening must have brought them out. I had no idea that they were there, and they were only present for the time it took to take two or three photos and no more.