Wood Norton Wedding Photography 2
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Weddings

I love these two pages from Alison and Nick's Wood Norton wedding album, but then again I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with every page from this book! It was such a fantastic day and the photos really do reflect that.

The image on the left shows one of the earlier photos that I took on the morning of Alison and Nick's wedding, when the bridesmaids were still getting used to my presence and figuring out what it meant to have a photographer around them all the time. This picture depicts the moment that some one the groom's family started arriving and checking into the hotel. The suite which the girls were in overlooks the car park and so they were able to see the comings and goings all morning. I took this photo with a long lens from the room next door, through an open adjoining door. This meant that whilst the girls could probably have heard the noise from the camera going off, it's unlikely that they would have known I was photographing them. The page on the right shows a montage of four images, taken as the bridesmaids were having their hair and makeup done. The top left image on the right page shows a candid moment where the maid of honour is having her hair done and the other bridesmaids are sitting around and chatting. The lower left image on the right page shows one particular bridesmaids who spent most of the day laughing, as she can be seen doing here. She found everything amusing but that's really no bad thing, it makes my life as a wedding photographer so much easier!

The right two images on the right page show more candid photos of the bridesmaids having their make-up done. I really like the tones in these images; the directional light, all being natural means that you get this fantastic fall-off, with the subject of the photo being bathed in light, which quickly falls off into blackness. The panelling in the room itself is naturally quite dark and not all that reflective which really helps to accentuate this effect.