Wood Norton Weddings Photography 7
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Weddings

Everything came together so well at this wedding, it was very much a case that everything I pointed the camera at turned to gold (photographically speaking!)

When it came time for Alison, the bride, to get into the wedding dress, she opted to do it in the bathroom of the suite. This is no real hardship as the bathroom itself is larger than my house, so she had plenty of space!

She gave me a call when she was about to reappear, and so I pointed my camera towards the door from which she was about to emerge, in such a way that I could frame her between two bridesmaids as she exited. The light was as good as I could have ever hoped for, with a large bay window immediately to my left which gave the perfect lighting for this photo. The position of the window and quality of the light meant that the bride was well illuminated whilst the bridesmaids remained in relative darkness.

With Alison back in the room, she needed a hand getting her wedding dress tied at the back. In order to get this done, she enlisted the help of two of the bridesmaids. At the same time as this was happening, one bridesmaid sat to tighten her shoelaces whilst the fourth adjusted her jewellery. I took a couple of images with my D750 and 35mm f/1.4 attached, and captured the wonderful scene that you can see on the left image of the right hand page. I love photos like this as there is just so much going on and in a confined space, it really goes a long way to telling a story of that part of the wedding day. For the final image on this double page spread, I took a somewhat traditional photograph of the bride, fully dressed and ready to go.