Birtsmorton Court wedding album 25 & 26
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Birtsmorton Court wedding photographer

These pages show a small collection of photos that we took at the end of Birtsmorton Court's lake.

The light for these wedding photographs really couldn't be any better. The sun was breaking through these heavy, dark storm clouds that were blowing in, and the thin shaft of light that was illuminating the trees behind the bridge was a pure golden yellow. It bled through the trees  and created this stunning dappled light you can see here. The colour of the light perfectly sets off the colour of Kevan's suit and gives a fairy tale look to the whole image. 

I particularly like the image on the furthest right of these two pages, as it shows off Deborah's dress beautifully, and you really get to appreciate all the details down the back of the gown. 

The backing image for the right page is a close-in photo of the light coming through the trees that I took as a test image before I started photographing the bride and groom. The out of focus globules of golden sunshine work wonderfully as the background for these portrait images. 

After these photos were taken, we had to make our way back to the modern part of Birtsmorton Court where the guests were already waiting. I had to be sure to get the bride and groom back in time as they were about to be announced into the wedding breakfast for the first time as husband and wife.

Location: Birtsmorton Court, Worcestershire.