Birtsmorton Court wedding album 7 & 8
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Birtsmorton Court Church weddings

Before the wedding, Kevan had arranged for a card and a couple of gifts to be delivered to his soon-to-be wife in the bridal suite. I was on hand when Deb opened the card that Kevan had written for her, and her reaction to reading the card was beautiful. She showed so much emotion whilst reading his words, and I chose to shoot front-on in order to capture both the card and the bride's reaction. 

The light in the bridal suite at Birtsmorton Court is usually perfect, dual aspect windows mean that light pours in from two entire sides of the suite, and the directional lighting is brilliant for this type of softly lit image. The light is both warm and flattering.

The photo of Deborah with her wedding flowers was taken beside on of the large windows. At the time the photo was taken, the sun was behind a patch of cloud which further defused the light. Deb's reaction to her flowers is pure and natural - you can't fake a smile like that! I really like how the warm colours of the bridal suite add to these images, they really compliment the bride's skin tones and the brilliant white of the wedding dress.

As soon as these photos were completed, I ran over to the Birtsmorton Court Church some 200 metres away, in order to have a quick chat with the vicar (to make sure they were happy with where I wanted to stand) as well as to take some photos of the groom, hopefully relaxing before the service began. I love the photo that's on the right page, showing Kevan and his best man in the front row of the church. The element of this photo that really makes it for me, is the look on the best man's face. I like to think he's said something that has made Kevan smile in the way you can see here, and then changed his expression to imply his seriousness about the situation. I originally intended to use this image in black and white, but this gave the spread too much contrast between the monochrome image on the right and the soothing warm light on the left page.

Location: Birtsmorton Court, Worcestershire.