Birtsmorton Court wedding album 9 & 10
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Birtsmorton Court wedding photography

After a few moments inside the church, taking candid photos of Kevan and the groomsmen waiting for the arrival of the bride, I ran back across towards the bridal suite so I could wait for the bride to appear. 

As she stepped out of the bridal suite and walked across the 13th century bridge over the moat, the midday sun caught the back of her veil which gave it the fantastic glow you can see in the upper left image. The following images from this double page spread so the remainder of the bridal party's journey from the wedding suite to the Birtsmorton Court Church. 

The four images on the left page are set upon a close up picture of the bride's flowers. Out of focus in the background of this image, is the father of the bride and one of the groomsmen, which adds the blue element to the page.

Birtsmorton Court weddings

The image that takes up the entire right hand page of this album spread is another personal favourite of mine. The young flower girl who, as you'll soon see, features heavily in this album, was so excited to see the bride that she couldn't face waiting in the church - instead she ran back towards the bridal suite so she could see the bride walking to the church. I made sure to hang far enough back that I wouldn't influence the flower girl's behaviour, and started shooting as the bride got closer and closer. The brides reaction in this image is wonderful and I really couldn't have taken a photo that I'm more pleased with had I staged it. I framed this image with the bottom of a tree at the top of the image and chose to include the relatively dark bushes at either side of the frame. As the bride was in direct sunlight, the dark trees and bushes make for a wonderful natural frame that really focuses the viewer's attention on the bride and flower girl. 

Location: Birtsmorton Court, Worcestershire.