Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Front Cover
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Natalie and William (Will) got marred at Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham, a wonderful secluded venue that has so much to offer. 

This lovely couple decided that upon a 30cm square wedding album, with an acrylic front cover, with the book bound in black leather. The album was also delivered in a bespoke presentation case. The acrylic covers feature a high quality photographic print, set behind a solid 6mm piece of acrylic. The acrylic really adds depth, both physically and visually to the front of the album, and really makes the image behind it 'pop.' The acrylic is also highly scratch resistant - one of my sample wedding albums, although now retired, features an acrylic front cover and has been shown to someone new once a week for 4 years, and there's not a mark on it. Other album covers are available, including a leather wrap with embossed lettering, a cameo cover (a leather wrap with a small aperture for an image,) a metallic cover (an image printed onto brushed aluminium) or an embossed linen cover.   

The presentation cases are an optional extra, but are the best way of keeping your wedding album safe and free from dust and damp. The presentation cases can be made using the same artwork as the main album, or can be something different entirely. The cases are handmade from wood, and feature a velvet interior with a lift cord, making getting your album in and out a breeze. You can see an example of an A3 album with matching presentation case below.

For the front cover image of the album, I chose this image in particular for a number of reasons. First of all, the background is out of focus just to the perfect extent that the bride and groom really look like they're three dimensional and coming out of the page. The image also looks really good when cropped square, which is an important consideration with a square wedding album - It's often taken for granted that photos are of a certain ratio, namely three to two. The best image taken on the wedding day might not work as a cover image, but this one certainly does. 

For that extra special finishing touch, I used software to match the ampersand used in the title text to the colour of the groom's buttonhole flower decoration. 

Location: Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham.

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