Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Pages 28 & 29
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Manor by the Lake

These two pages of the wedding album show the bride and groom making their grand entrance into the wedding breakfast. I really like the look on the couple's faces, they look genuinely surprised at receiving such a warm welcome from their friends and family. On her way to the top table, the bride stopped and kissed her son which I was lucky enough to capture, with the image featuring on this page. 

The photos immediately below show the father of the brides speech, and it was endearing to hear such lovely words about his daughter and the struggles they had experienced in the last 12 months, looking after their young twins w ho were both bmorn extremely prematurely. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, and it was hard not to get caught up with what he was saying, even though I was trying to stay professional, not listen too much and just concentrate on taking photos. 

On the right page we can see the groom giving his speech, as well as a spirited speech from the best man! I really think his pose says it all!

One of the pictures I love the most, is of the bride standing up and giving the groom a kiss. The speeches had been incredibly emotionally charged, especially in light of what the father of the bride had said. When it came time for the groom to give his speech, he stood up, but was absolutely lost for words. It was hard to watch as he was so emotional to the point of tears, and everyone felt so much for him. The bride stood up and gave him a kiss and encouraged him to continue. Normally when a groom stands up and is lost for words, you get cheers and jeers but in this instance, everyone knew exactly what the groom was feeling as they could see it all over his face. It was probably a feeling of overwhelming relief if nothing else - that he was at his wedding, with all three of this beautiful children which is probably something he never thought he'd experience. 

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