Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Pages 30 & 31
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Manor by the Lake Wedding Album

Natalie and William's cake was amazing, a huge 5 tier cupcake arrangement with a stunning duck egg blue wedding cake placed atop. Cutting the cake proved a challenge, as it was perched relatively high and not on the strongest of plinths, but the bride and groom took it in their stride! I used off camera flash to the left of the couple to provide the warm directional lighting you can see here. 

Following this the bride and groom took their first dance together as husband and wife. For this I used two off camera flashes, both fired into the ceiling to create a wonderful soft light, and triggered by a radio remote control. 

I used the same lighting technique to capture the photos on the opposite page, for the throwing of the bouquet. I really love the picture of all the single ladies fighting and scrambling to pluck the flowers from mid air. The use of flash allowed me to completely freeze the action, as well as highlight all of the colours within the image. 

If you look closely at these album pages, you'll see that I have used lowered opacity photos of the bride and groom dancing as backing images for both the left and right page. Whilst not at first immediately visible, as the lower opacity makes the images on top of these stand out more, these images make for the perfect finishing touch to this collection of photos.

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