Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Pages 4 & 5
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Manor by the Lake Wedding Album

If you've come here directly from reading the writeup on the previous page, you'll know that the little boy here on the left page is a proper poser! 

For the morning of the wedding, Natalie and her bridesmaids were getting ready in a small cottage that's found within the grounds of Manor by the Lake. The cottage has a bedroom and a living area which are joined by a centrally located bathroom. The cottage is intimate, and space at a bit of a premium, but this didn't stop me from capturing some great shots of the bridal party getting ready. 

After Natalie was dressed, she was given the opportunity to make her way to the honeymoon suite in the Manor House itself, and this is where she would have the finishing touches applied to her hair and makeup, as well as giving the bridesmaids time and space enough to get ready. 

For the background image of these two pages, I used a slightly opaque image of the bride's wonderful wedding shoes which I had photographed against a window to ensure the image was as bright and as colourful as I could make it. 

One of my favourite images from this double page spread is the middle image on the left page. The bride and groom had a pair of young twins, both sadly were suffering the side effects of being born extremely prematurely (and have made a full recovery) and were still relatively young at the time of the wedding. I love the moment shared between mother and child here, and especially love the young boy's reaction!

Location: Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.

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