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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester wedding photography album

Karl and Beccy's wedding photography, for Karl at least, started the day before his wedding. 

He really wanted to recreate an RAF dog handler style photo with his family dog, so I arranged in secret to meet him at Saint Georges church. It needed to be kept secret, as Karl wanted to surprise Beccy with the photos. Imagine the two of them sitting down after the wedding to review their images, and when the images open, the first one they see is of Karl with the dog, of which Beccy had no idea!

The dog was very obedient, and taking these photos only took about 5 minutes in total. It was a joy to photograph the pair, and I love that the couple chose to include these images in their wedding album.

The background for this image is a photograph of the church's front entrance. The warm stone colour makes a wonderful backing image for the main photos.

On the right page, we see the start of the wedding day itself. I arrived at Beccy's parents house early in the morning, to make sure I was there from the very start which allowed me to get the most authentic story of their wedding day. 

I asked the bride and groom to pick the 80 or so images that they wished to use in their wedding album, but they liked to many of them, they couldn't get the number below 140!

The bride and groom had picked two black and white photos from early in the morning of Beccy's bridal preparations, one landscape and one portrait. I struggled to find a layout that suited both a landscape and a portrait image at the same time, so was forced to add a third image to the page, another portrait image, in order to make the layout work. I love this page, I find that the black and white images all work really well together, and I especially enjoy the contrast between the deep blacks on the right page's images, and the warm gentle tones of the left page. 

For the background image of the right image, I've used a slightly opaque photo of the brides flowers which I had converted into black and white. I normally like to include a photo of the flowers in colour, but this would have overwhelmed the other images on the page.

Location: Worcestershire.

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