Worcestershire Wedding Photography Album Pages 11 & 12
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Saint Georges Church Worcestershire

The left page here shows a selection of photos from the wedding at Saint Georges Church in Worcester. The bottom image on the left page shows the signing of the register, that took place in a side room within the church. It was really dark in there, so I was forced to use flash. Despite this, I was able to photograph the register being signed in such a way that the style of the images is perfectly in keeping with the other images that were shot without flash during the service. 

The image on the right page I love. I usually tend to zoom in on the bride and groom for these pictures, as I like to capture the emotions on the bride and groom's faces as they walk back down the aisle. For this image however, I decided that I'd do things slightly different and use a wider angle lens than usual. The back wall of Saint Georges church housed an enormous stained glass window that I really wanted to include in a photo. 

It was the window behind me however that provided the perfect light for this photo, perfectly illuminating the bride and groom just a little more than everyone else in the room, creating a real focal point, despite the stained glass being by far the behest element in the photo. 

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