Worcestershire Wedding Photography Album Pages 17 & 18
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester Cathedral wedding photography 

Just before leaving for Worcester Cathedral, the bride and groom were posing for a few photos for their wedding guest, which is when I decided to turn around and take a photo looking back - so the people looking back at these photos might know what it was like to be the bride and groom at this wedding!

Under this picture, is a stunning black and white showing Beccy walking to the rear of Worcester Cathedral, whilst receiving some assistance from her maid of honour. I love how her wedding dress stands out against the century old brick wall.

For the images on the right page, the bride and groom stood in a cool area of open shade, beneath some of the larger trees outside the Guildhall. 

The bottom two images make use of my signature pose which I find the best for showing off all aspects of the bride and groom in their wedding attire. This pose allows you the fully see the bride's wedding dress from a side profile, the groom's suit (or uniform in this instance) as well as the bride's wedding rings and bridal bouquet. 

For the background image for this page, I used a test photo and matched the level of the grass in the background image to the level of the grass in the lower two images. 

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