Worcestershire Wedding Photography Album Pages 3 & 4
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcestershire wedding photography album

Beccy had purchased a card for Karl which she was yet to write, so with her hair partially finished, she went and sat in the garden, away from the hubbub of the house, to write the card in peace in a place she could concentrate. 

I really didn't want to put Beccy off or distract her whilst she was doing this, so I was really careful to keep my distance and take photos sparingly. As soon as I knew I had a 'keeper' I left her to herself and went back inside. Taking documentary wedding photos, I'm always careful that my presence doesn't have any undue influence over the photo.

I really like the bottom left photo of the left page. Beccy had gotten into her wedding dress, and instead of having a long veil, she opted instead for a beautifully elegant lace cape. The timing for this photo was perfect, with one bridesmaid adjusting the bride's hair from the back, with the other bridesmaid tying the front of the cape. I really like the symmetry in this image, as well as the look of absolute focus on the bride's face. 

The part of this spread I love the most though, is the image that I've used as a background image for the left page that seamlessly becomes the main image for the right page - This stunning black and white photo of the father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. I was careful to shoot over the shoulder of the bride in order to give the image some real context, and the look on her father's face is priceless.

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