Worcestershire Wedding Photography Album Pages 5 & 6
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester wedding photography

I left Beccy's house before she did in order that I could arrive at the church in good time to photograph the groom and his ushers, without running the risk of him seeing his future bride before the wedding. 

During our pre-wedding consultation, we discussed how the groom would be walking to the church, down a long tree lined road directly opposite the church. I had spent time at the church photographing guests arriving, when I saw that Karl and his groomsmen had appeared into view. I ran to the end of the road and took the iconic 'Reservoir Dogs' style photo that he had been after. If you're not familiar with the opening scene from Reservoir Dogs, the Tarantino gangster epic, have a look at the opening scene on Youtube and you'll see 2 minutes of footage that's inspired a thousand wedding photos!

Inside the church, I took some candid photos of the wedding guests taking their seats, as well as the groom who was happy and smiling, and didn't in the least bit appear to be nervous. 

For the background image for these pages, I used a very wide angle shot of the inside of the church, carefully placing the image that the stained glass window of the church was centered in the page.

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