Rebecca and Ryan (17)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey weddings

At the beginning of the evening reception, around 40 more wedding guests turned up that Rebecca and Ryan wanted to have some photos with. For this, I chose the (new) front lawn as the setting sun would be behind the people in the photos. If you've read the notes for the previous pages of this album, you'll know that this is important for flattering photos as it keeps the sun out of people's eyes and doesn't lead to long shadows being drawn across the body.

On the right page, we can see the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake immediately before they took their first dance as husband and wife. 

These photos are fairly unusual in that, owing to being very near in date to the summer solstice, the sun still hadn't set despite it being late in the evening. Whilst it's not usual to see first dance photos taken in daylight, the sun providing golden backlighting works really well, and I didn't have to use any specialised lighting like I would otherwise have to.

Also unusual was one of the friends of the bride and groom singing a song before the couple's first dance. It was a fantastic performance and a well hidden surprise that wowed the bride and groom and the wedding guests alike. 

The background image for the right page is made using a photo I took of the Union flag that was being displayed by the live band that were booked to play later that evening, whilst the backing for the left page is made up of a test-photo taken of the Stanbrook Abbey grounds before I took the group photos you see on the same page.

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