Rebecca and Ryan (18)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey wedding album 

This is the final double page spread in Rebecca and Ryan's wedding album shows the couple taking their first dance together as husband and wife. 

I think the two images used on these pages work very well together, the juxtaposition of a close-in couple-centric image with the wide shot showing the bride and groom and all of their watching weddings guests suit each other despite being vastly different. 

The setting sun once again provides the warming golden light in the right hand photo, and the tone matches the content of the photo wonderfully. I especially enjoy the vibrant blue and red from the band's Union flag that's at the back of the image. 

The left side image is a simple wide angle photo showing the bride and groom with their guests. For the page background image of the left photo I have use a slightly different image to the main one, and the reason it works so well for me is the floor of the disco that's repeated at the bottom of the page. 

Rebecca and Ryan had a magnificent Stanbrook Abbey wedding and I think their enjoyment of the day and all the other emotions experienced are displayed faithfully throughout this wedding album.

I hope you have taken as much enjoyment in looking through the album as I had in taking the photos!

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