Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (10)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album

The bride and groom chose to include three photos of the signing of the register, an important and symbolic part of the wedding day. Whilst all three photos are taken at very near the same time, each one shows something different. The first image shows a mock-up of the bride and groom signing the register (which is something you have to do, as you're not allowed to photograph the actual signing of the register.) The middle image shows the mothers of the bride and groom who were the official witnesses to the wedding, with the final register photo showing the bride and groom with their two dogs who were ring bearers. This page is finished with a photo of the bride and groom walking down the aisle, and a photo of the confetti being thrown which took part in the courtyard at Stanbrook Abbey. 

The right page of the album shows the beginning of the formal group photos. The bride and groom wanted a few different locations used for their formal photos, so we started with the smaller groups on the rear lawn of Stanbrook Abbey, which confusingly used to be the front lawn, up until the opening of George's Bar on the opposite side of the venue. 

Here, we had no option but to take photos in direct sunlight. In order to ensure that the wedding party weren't rendered as silhouettes, I used off camera flash to light the people in the image. 

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