Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (11)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album

This double page spread shows the full array of formal photos that Rebecca and Ryan had chosen for their wedding day. The two furthest left images show the parents of the bride and groom with the happy couple, and these images were taken on the rear lawn of Stanbrook Abbey. The remainder of the wedding photos were taken inside the central courtyard of the Abbey, a wide open area with plenty of space but absolutely no hiding from the midday sun! For this reason, I used off camera flash to light the people in the images - had I not, either the background would be far too bright, or the people in these images would be silhouettes. 

If you look closely at the bottom right image of the left page, you'll see something slightly different in this photo. The two young page boys had asked if they could have a 'silly' wedding photo taken, and I was quite happy to oblige. Photos with people jumping always work well at weddings, so I instructed the two young boys to jump after a countdown from three. The use of off-camera flash helped freeze the action with the pair in mid air, and the expressions on their faces are amazing!

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