Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (12)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography

After we had taken the formal wedding photos, we took a little bit of time to take some photos of the bride and groom. As this wedding happened very near the summer solstice, I knew that we had plenty of daylight and that it would still be light enough outside to take photos until gone 9pm. 

Time was running slightly tight and I didn't think that we'd have time to get to the Stanbrook Abbey lake before the bride and groom needed to be present for the wedding breakfast, so we concentrated on inside photos instead. 

These photos are taken in the cloisters, a beautifully ornate set of corridors linking the major parts of the Abbey. The door you can see in the images is the old front entrance, with the new front entrance to my rear. The hot summer sun was pouring in through the yellow stained glass windows to the couple's side, which was casting a wonderful golden light on the corridor. 

After the wedding breakfast had finished and some of the guests retired to their rooms, I took the bride and groom around the grounds of Stanbrook Abbey to take the remainder of the couple's photos, examples of this can be seen on subsequent pages. 

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