Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (2)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album

Whilst Rebecca and Ryan got married at Stanbrook Abbey, where they also had their wedding reception, the bride and groom chose not to get ready there. Instead, Ryan and his best man got ready at the couple's private residence, whilst Rebecca got ready at her parent's house, along with her bridesmaids. 

I was with the bridal party for about 4 hours in the morning, and took a variety of photos showing the group at every stage of getting ready. 

The opening page of the wedding album shows some of these images, with the bridesmaids having their hair done and with the bridal party toasting to a happy wedding day!

The second page shows Rebecca having her wedding dress tied by her two bridesmaids on the left image. I stepped outside for a few moments whilst the bride got in her dress, and when she was 'decent' I was called back in. I really like this photo as it shows off the wedding dress so well. The final image on this page is a photo of one of the couple's dogs, of which they have two, and each of the dogs was to be a ring bearer during the service, one carrying the bride's ring, and one carrying the groom's. Unfortunately during the wedding service, one of the rings came loose and was temporarily lost - you can read the story of this by clicking on the caption icon for this image.

For the background to this double page album spread, I used a photo of the brides wedding bouquet that wasn't used elsewhere in the album. I think the colours of the flowers work really well with the rest of the images, and it's a lovely spread. 

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