Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (5)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester wedding photography album

These transitional wedding pages show the part of the day where the bride, Rebecca, left her parents house where she had been getting ready and was about to make her journey to Stanbrook Abbey, where she would be married to Ryan.

The left page of the album shows the remainder of the formal photos that were requested before we left for the wedding. This time the photos were to include the ring bearing dogs who were very well behaved and were actually quite fun to work with! 

As you may have read in the description for the previous wedding album page, it was extremely hot and I therefore made the decision to take these formal pictures in an area of open shade. The dogs enjoyed this massively, as they had been stood in the sun whilst I took the other photos, and it was so warm that at one point they appeared to be melting! 

The right hand page shows the bride preparing to leave her parents house, as well as the wedding car that had arrived to taken the wedding party to Stanbrook Abbey, which was a drive of almost an hour. 

For the backing image on these pages, I used a photo of the bride's wedding bands which were on a wicker table in the aforementioned conservatory. The large open space with plenty of soft light made an ideal location for some detail shots of the bride's jewellery, and this particular photo made an excellent backing image. The warm gold colour of the rings really adds to the page and accentuates the other colours present.

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