Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (7)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album

The photo on the left of this wedding album page shows the follow-up image to the photo on the previous page, this time to include the best man as well. This image is portrayed in colour, as opposed to the previous image which was black and white. It's hard when designing a wedding album sometimes if you have some images in colour and some that are monochrome, as very often they don't sit together well on a page. I try to at least keep colour images on one page and black and white images on the next, or if it's possible, I have an entire spread of black and white before reverting back to colour on another page. Below is the next page for the wedding album, shown here to illustrate how striking an all black and white page can be. 

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (8)

I knew that the groom was keen to have a photo of himself and the best man in the cloisters within Stanbrook Abbey, so after the photos outside were taken, we moved just in through the old front door and took the image you see here. Ryan was visibly nervous, and try as I might to get him to smile, he couldn't seem to shake the look of anxiety. To me though, this doesn't matter, as my job is all about telling the story of a wedding day. The now happily married couple get to look back at this beautiful wedding album and see that Ryan was nervous before the wedding. I like to think he looks back at these images and can't for the life of him remember why he was nervous, as the rest of the day was flawless. 

I've stayed in touch with this wonderful couple and they are still as happy now as they were on the day of their wedding. The nerves shown by Ryan in this photo are, from what I can tell, rather uncharacteristic, but that just adds to the story of their day. 

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