Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (9)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album

These critical pages in the album show the wedding itself. I say critical because the way in which weddings work these days is very different to how they used to be. 

It sounds very odd to say aloud, but the wedding is by far the shortest part of a wedding day. If you consider that the average bride takes 5 hours to get ready, and the wedding breakfast takes 3 hours, having a 25 minute wedding in a 15 hour wedding day actually sounds strange! It's a trying time for any wedding photographer, as you need to absolutely make sure you nail those images. You don't get a second chance during this part of the day, and some registrars and vicars will limit you to the amount of photo you're able to take during a service. 

The left image on this double page spread shows the groom showing his emotions. The previous album page shows the build up to the wedding, and how Ryan's nerves and feelings grew with the anticipation, that all came to a head when Rebecca met him at the end of the aisle and the wedding service started. 

Some couples choose a lot of wedding service photos for their album, whilst other couples choose to focus on other aspects of the wedding day instead, and that's what Rebecca and Ryan chose to do here. There's only a few images of the wedding, but the remainder of the album is packed with the images that mean the most to the couple - photos of them enjoying theirselves with their closest friends and family. 

On the right page, the portrait orientation photo was a great choice by the bride and groom and it works so well here - showing the Callow Hall in all of it's glory. It's very easy to focus in on and concentrate on other things that happen during a wedding ceremony, but I love images like this that allow the client to look back on elements that would have otherwise been missed.

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