Professional wedding album
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

These two kids were the secret stars of the show, and proved to be the subject of many of my photos throughout the wedding. David and Laura chose an image of each to feature in the wedding album, and it was only right that they have a whole page to themselves.

I really like the combination of having a colour image set alongside a black-and-white one - the monochrome image serves to better emphasise the amazing colour in the other image, especially the vibrant pinks of the woman's dress and the blue's of the flower girls's eyes.

For the background of the left image, I actually used the same image as the main image, just slightly more opaque and framed in such a way that it's not too distracting. For the image of the flower-girl, I felt that the image was strong enough to not warrant a backing image and instead should fill the page on it's own.

If my memory serves, the photo on the left shows the page boy making his first appearance in his wedding attire. I think the look on his face shows he's not sure of how he feels about it just yet!

I think it's great that the bride and groom chose to include these photos - I can't imagine what their reactions are going to be seeing these photos in 10, 20 or 30 years!