Wedding Album Wood Norton Wedding Venue Worcester 5
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

During the bridal prep before the wedding, so much happens in such a short space of time, and one of the best ways of showing this is to include multiple images on the same page. This is one of the benefits of having a larger album - despite the relative size being smaller than if they were a full page spread for example, the physical image still remains large.

The light in the bridal preparation room at Wood Norton hotel is absolutely incredible, as can be seen in the top image on the right page. The background for this page is actually taken from the same image - A very zoomed in segment of the couch that's in the bottom of the main photo. These muted colours, and the fact that it's lit from the same source as the subjects in the photo means that it makes the ideal background image, sitting subtly in the distance but adding enough to the page that it helps 'lift' the other images that are set on top. Another particular thing that I like about this double-page spread is how David and Laura have chosen two remarkably similar images - on the left page, the bride in the hairdressers 'hot seat' and on the right page, the mother of the bride in the same position and situation, only this time having her hat fixed by the hairdresser.