Wood Norton Wedding Album 2
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

For this wedding, David and Laura had booked both myself, and my associate photographer Aaron. I spent the morning at the Wood Norton Hotel with Laura and her bridesmaids, whilst Aaron was at the couple's home, photographing David and the boys.

Having two photographers is a fantastic idea if you want to see what each other was doing on the morning of your wedding. Our cameras are synchronised, so as you flick back through your images, you can see what your now-husband or wife was doing at exactly the same time!

For the opening pages of the wedding album, I chose to juxtapose the images of the bridal party getting ready on one page, with the photographs of the groomsmen on the other. There was a temptation to give a double page spread to each group of people, but I think having both the girls and the boy's photos appearing next to each other, really helps tie the images together into a single story.

I chose two different images to make up the page backgrounds - On the left page is a photo of Laura's shoes (if you look closely you can notice some of the details) and on the right page is a cropped view of the back of the groom's waistcoat. I especially like how all of the colours in the background images are complimentary to the photos that are placed on top of them.