Wood Norton Wedding Album 3
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

My associate photographer, Aaron, absolutely nailed this photo of the groomsmen. My favourite aspect of it, as well as that of the bride and groom, is the cat in the lower left corner that's sneaking through the image, and looking straight into the lens! As I write this, only 5 hours ago I delivered this album to David and Laura, and we sat chatting about this image with the guilty culprit present.

On the left of the page are 4 smaller images that show part of the process of the boys getting ready that morning. I think it's quite evident that David struggled with his cuff-links as the appear to be undone in most images!

The photo on the right really needed to be portrayed in this almost widescreen fashion you see here - a squarer frame would have included either a lot of sky, a lot of grass or a lot of both!

David and Laura chose their own photos for inclusion in the album, meaning I had to make the images fit no-matter-what. If I were designing the album myself, with images that I had picked, the temptation is always there to simply pick images that fit the page you're designing better. I like a challenge and I really enjoy my clients choosing which photos get used in their own album - after all, it's their wedding, done their way so why should the album be any different?