Wood Norton Weddings 6
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

This double page spread features one of my favourite ever Wood Norton wedding photos - the young, angelic flower girl appearing through the door on the right page. At the time this was taken, I was actually busy photographing the bride having the buttons of her wedding dress done-up by one of her bridesmaids. The light in the bridal preparation room at the Wood Norton is amazing, with light flooding in from the right hand side through a huge bay window that overlooks the main lawn, where outside wedding ceremonies now take place in summer. The room is clad with wood, which gives a lovely warmth to the images. I was concentrating very much on the bride, making sure to frame each image perfect, that contained a mix of the bride's reflection in the mirror and at the same time, the back of her wedding dress. A turn of the door handle broke the silence, and as I spun through one hundred and eighty degrees, I saw the flower girl just standing there, having struggled to pull open the heavy door. I manged to grab two or three frames before she walked into the room and the moment was gone forever. Sure, it would be easy to pose an image like this but that's just now how I work - The bride and groom, in years to come will be able to look back and know that this moment is genuine, and they're not thinking 'look at this photo that Lee posed!'

Location: Wood Norton Hotel.