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Deer Park Hall Wedding Photography

Lee Webb is a recommended wedding photographer at Deer Park Hall in Eckington, just outside Pershore.

Deer Park is one of my favourite wedding venues, and the venue at which I photographed one of my earliest weddings on my own almost 12 years ago.

Helen and Dan had organised a surprise fireworks display for themselves and their wedding guests to enjoy at the end of the night. In order to keep the surprise, we had to move all of the wedding guests to the front of the venue before the fireworks display could begin. After discussing how the display would go with the gentleman from G-force fireworks, I positioned the newlyweds in front of their guests and set up a pair of glasses which would enable me to photograph them as well as their fireworks display. In order to get the best wedding photo at Deer Park Hall, I used a wide angle lens (so that I didn't miss anything from the display) and a tripod which was essential - without the tripod, I could not have used a shutter speed long enough to capture the fireworks as I had wished. The tripod also allowed me to concentrate on taking photos and not on composition - which was set and locked off before the fireworks display began.

Location: Deer Park Hall.

Keywords: Deer Park Weddings (130), Documentary wedding photography (129). 2.5; f/4.0; ISO 200; 14.0 mm.