Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Pages 10 & 11
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Manor by the Lake weddings

This double page spread shows the build up to the wedding ceremony itself. 

Manor by the Lake is licensed to hold outdoor weddings, and does so on a well manicured lawn a short distance from the main house on the other side of the lake from which the venue takes it's name. 

The path between the venue and the ceremony lawn is awesome, a couple of hundred metres in length and with bushes on either side for the entire way down. 

In the uppermost left image on the left page we can see the groom and his best man making their way towards the ceremony. The groom clearly looks slightly nervous even though he's trying to put on a brave face, whilst the best man looks so happy he's practically skipping!

The image directly below shows the groom, his parents and best men sitting peacefully on the front row, patiently awaiting the arrival of the bride. 

On the right page, we can see the bridal party walking towards the ceremony, down the same path that not that long before, the groom and best man had walked down. It was really important to include both of these images, as after the wedding the newlyweds walked back down this very same path together, only this time as husband and wife, hand in hand. 

Location: Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham.

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