Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Pages 26 & 27
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Manor by the Lake wedding photography 

As soon as the evening reception started, the rain started coming down too! Luckily the rain soon stopped again, but it cemented in my mind the fact that it was the correct decision to get the couple's photos out of the way as quickly as we could.

As soon as all of the evening guests had arrived, the bride and groom requested a few more group photos with people who weren't there earlier in the day. As the grass was soaking wet, we decided to take the photos on the gravel path that was just outside the wedding reception room. This also meant that the guests didn't have to walk too far, and arranging the photos was a lot easier.

For the evening reception's entertainment, the bride and groom had arranged a Vegas themed evening, with blackjack tables and roulette wheels. 

The background image from the for the left page is a photo showing some of the cards and money chips that were used for a game. 

On the right page, we can once again see the bride and groom's oldest son, transfixed with the spinning roulette wheel. I really like the vibrant colours of the roulette wheel and how they've been picked out with carefully used flash.

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