Manor by the Lake Wedding Album Pages 34 & 35
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Manor by the Lake weddings

This was the last image that I took at Natalie and Will's wedding, and makes the perfect final double page spread for the couple's wedding album. 

For this photo, I positioned the bride and groom on the opposite side of the lake from myself, and stood them under a collection of the garden lights. I used my 85mm lens at it's widest aperture in order to allow the biggest amount of light possible into the camera. It was still too dark however, even with the camera set to 6,400 ISO and shooting at 1/60th of a second - if I turned the sensitivity up too high, I'd risk a noisy image. If I used a lower shutter speed, I risk a blurry one. To overcome these issues, I placed an off camera flash with a radio trigger attached in the reeds by the lake. I pointed the flash straight up, and with the high sensitivity of the camera, direct flash would have been far too bright. Enough of the light still made it to the bride and groom however, and the overall look provides a wonderful fairy tale feel to this photo. The perfect end for a fairy tale wedding; a story of how a couple have overcome so much adversity in the build up to their wedding and how they had the best day they could have ever hoped for.

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