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Deer Park Hall Weddings

Helen and Dan's beautiful Deer Park Hall wedding

For quite a while now, Deer Park Hall, Eckington, has been able to offer outdoor weddings. Up until recently however, the ceremonies took place under a small wooden bandstand-style structure. Recently, and just in time for Helen and Dan's wedding, the bandstand had been moved onto the lower lawn, with a whole new structure being erected in it's place. The new structure is taller and wider than the previous one, with glass panels at the back and sides to keep the wind out but crucially letting the light in still. The old structure wasn't bad, but the new one is thousands of times better. There's plenty of space in there now for the bride and groom, two registrars, two witnesses, a photographer and in this case a videographer too.

The light inside is absolutely perfect, with the roof keeping the midday sun off the bride and groom, they're left in an area of bright shade which is the best to work in. It's very flattering, and doesn't risk bright highlights and really dark shadows.

For this image I was actually standing between the two wedding registrars (I had asked their permission to stand here before the wedding, and they were both aware that I wished to stand between them for the first kiss)

Location: Deer Park Hall.

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