Wood Norton wedding album 7
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Christmas Weddings

Indoor wedding ceremony at the Wood Norton

The Wood Norton is a fantastic place to get married at any time of the year and I've covered weddings there on the hottest day of the decade and at other times when there's been snow in the air and frost on the ground. Nikki and Andrew got married in the days before Christmas, which is a time I don't usually work, but I couldn't say no to a Christmas wedding at the Wood Norton! Unfortunately for the couple, it rained for most of the day but we were still able to get outside and take some photos when it really mattered. The timing couldn't have been better!

In the top left image on this page we can see the bride, Nicola, being escorted down the aisle by her father. For this image I was standing directly behind the registrars' table for the best view (of course having asked for their permission first.) After the bride had reached her soon to be husband, I stepped to the left side and let the registrars get on with starting the wedding. I love the reaction of the bride in the bottom left image where she is placing a ring on the groom's finger - I'd love to remember what happened to evoke such a reaction!

The middle image shows the first kiss between the two as husband and wife. For this image I re-took my original position behind the registrars table for a more centralised view back down the aisle, with the guests more visible at the edges of the frame. The image on the top right shows the reactions of the bride and groom having just shared their first kiss, with the final image on the page showing the groom pumping his fist in the air in celebration whilst walking back down the aisle.

Location: The Wood Norton.

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