Wood Norton Weddings Album 6
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Hotel Outdoor Weddings

Outside wedding ceremonies at the Wood Norton

This is the second demonstration wedding album that I have provided the Wood Norton hotel in the last few years and this is a little different to the last one that I made. The original sample album that I produced for the Wood Norton was a real album, from a real wedding - start to finish, and it served its purpose very well. From what I've heard, the clients of the Wood Norton loved it and in return it's given me plenty of weddings to shoot there over the last couple of years.

Roll on 24 months and my style hasn't changed too much but my cameras and relevant technology have, meaning I'm able to do some things that I wasn't able to even a year ago, and now is the time to show off some new photos. In the new album, as you can see if you've followed it from start to finish and not just landed on this page, is a mix of images from 6 or 7 different weddings over a two year period. There are summer weddings outside and winter weddings inside. This serves to not only show-off how good the Wood Norton is for weddings whatever the weather, but shows that I'm capable of producing some stunning wedding photos whatever happens!

These photos from a Wood Norton outdoor wedding ceremony come from Amy and Richard's wedding. In the last 18 months, the Wood Norton has had a pergola built in the grounds which is registered for outdoor weddings. It's a good size and provides shade for the two registrars, two witnesses and the bride and groom - but sadly there's no space for a photographer and I'm not that tall! For Amy and Richard's wedding, which was one of the first to be held outside at the Wood Norton, I positioned myself to the side of the pergola as the bride and her father made their way down the aisle. I remained in the same position whilst the wedding ceremony was taking place, and only moved to the back of the pergola for the bride and groom's first kiss as husband and wife.

Location: The Wood Norton.

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