Wood Norton Weddings sample album 9
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Hotel Weddings

The bride and groom are greeted by their guests

This frantic, unplanned and often chaotic time of the day is by far one of my favourites when it comes to photography. Picture the scene - the bride and groom have got married, they might have just walked through their shower of confetti on the way here but aside from that, they've spent no time at all with their wedding guests or with each other for that matter. For the next ten to twenty-five minutes, the bride and groom are mobbed by their friends and family, all giving presents, hugs and kisses and maybe some words of advice. It's completely natural, no one is striking a pose and it enable me to get some really genuine feeling photos.

The images on this page are a real mix of images from many different weddings. For the benefit of the Wood Norton (after all, this album is for them and their new clients more than it is for me!) I have included images from different times of the year, taken both inside and outside. Of course I much prefer working in natural light where I can, as a lot of artificial lights can appear orangey-brown on camera, but I don't always get to choose where the images are taken. As you can see from the images there's a real mix of reactions and emotions on show, and for the wedding photographer it's a case of being in the right place at the right time and knowing what to expect.

Location: The Wood Norton.

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