Worcestershire Wedding Photography Album Pages 27 & 28
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester Cathedral wedding photos

After we had completed the photos of the family formals, we still had plenty of time before we needed to head back to the Guildhall, so opted to take some photos around the cathedral ground, and down at the side of the river too. 

The image on the right page is actually where we started, as I felt it was important to get a photo of the bride and groom with the famous Worcester City Bridge in the background of the shot. It really helps you place the photo as a viewer. 

From here we took the steps down from the Cathedral grounds, towards the river. I liked how the bride and groom looked together on the steps, and whilst shooting up at people can be a risky move that results in unflattering images, it worked really well here. I really like the colour of the stone and brickwork to either side of the couple, and how the reds and ambers contrast with the deep greens behind them. 

The remaining two images at the bottom of the left pare are taken at the bottom of the cathedral steps, in one of the gatehouses that used to form one of the original barricades of the city wall. 

I thought this location would be great to get some snaps of Beccy on her own, as I once again wanted to show off her wedding dress in full. The old city gate provided the perfect spot for this, as the dark shadowed areas under the gate meant that Beccy really stood out in her white wedding dress.

Location: Worcester City Centre.

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