Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (13)
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album

For the centre page double spread of the wedding album, I used the group photo that shows all of the guests from the wedding. 

Whilst Stanbrook Abbey is a massive venue with acres of grounds, finding a location to take the group photo can be slightly troublesome. My preferred method for doing this, is going up onto Stanbrook Abbey's sun terrace, which is on the second floor and sits above the new George's Bar. The sun terrace offers fantastic views over the whole wedding venue, as well as providing the best platform for taking photos of large groups. 

Gaining an elevated position gives the photographer a huge advantage - picture having to have everyone on the same level as yourself, a group photo of 80 people would need to be 40 people wide with only two rows, whereas with an elevated position, you can have several rows in depth, making the formation of people fit the 3:2 ratio of a photograph a lot better. 

The nature of the A3 landscape design of the album means that a double page spread isn't tall but is very wide, so for this reason I cropped the top and bottom off the image. I don't feel that anything is lost by this, but a lot is gained in the form of this stunning double page spread.

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