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Amy & Richard's wedding at the Wood Norton Hotel, Worcestershire.

Lifestyle wedding photography is the art, science and sometimes pure luck of capturing people in their most natural manner, on the biggest day of their lives.

Now, when you really think about it, it's a bit of a contradiction of terms. Capturing the everyday essence of something that most people only do once...

I'm always trying to show the true side of my couples in their wedding photos. If you've ever met me, you've probably heard me say that a couple's wedding photos should feel like their wedding photos. Not the same location and same style as every other photo I've taken in the same place - but something just for them. Because of this, I really dislike posing people. I don't pose people really - I direct them instead. It's less 'stand here and do this' and more 'the light is great over there, let's use it' and see where we go.

The image above, of Amy and Richard on their wedding day, was directed by me. We were at the main entrance to the hotel, it was dark, and as it was just the three of us (or the two of them and myself at some distance) the real couple started to come out. I knew there was potential in the arched doorway even though I had never photographed anyone there before. I asked the bride and groom to 'stand in the door way' and quickly positioned a light behind them. How they stood was up to them. How they acted with each other was up to them. Whether they ignored me or not - completely up to them. It's because of this style of shooting that this photo of Amy and Richard is 'them on their wedding day.' It's not a re-hashed image with a forced pose and a fake smile. It's a real image, of a real couple, who really love each other. Sure, the light I've added makes the image very dramatic and something I hope to see on their wall sometime soon - but the image has the feel of the couple in it.

Location: The Wood Norton, Worcestershire.

Keywords: Photographer directed image.