Manor by the Lake wedding
Worcestershire Wedding Photographer
Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

Manor by the Lake weddings

This black and white wedding photo shows the groom and his best man walking from the Manor by the Lake main building to the venue's front lawn, where the wedding ceremony was to be held. 

One of the things I like the most with this image is the look on the best man's face, and the manner in which he's walking. 'Jolly' would be how I describe him! 

For this image, I decided to use a long telephoto lens and try and shoot from as far away as I could. I didn't want to risk my presence altering the image, and wanted the interaction between the groom and his best man to be as natural as possible. If you read some of my reviews, you'll see that a lot of my clients mention not being able to recall me being present to take certain photos. When I hear that, I know I've done my job well!

The groom and his ushers had all been getting ready that morning in the Rock Bar, which is a well hidden bar and lounge area that's the perfect hideaway for the groom and groomsmen to relax before a wedding. 

I really like the light in this part of the Manor by the Lake wedding venue in Cheltenham, and it always seems to be perfect for stunning black and white photos. 


Location: Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham.