Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Welcome to a collection of my personal images - that is, images that I haven't taken for anyone but myself. Photography is a wonderful hobby; a chance to capture the world as you see it, in your own unique way. Unfortunately, for myself as with many other full time professional photographers, the more images you take for work, the fewer you take for yourself. This reached a point a few years ago where I actually didn't take any photos for myself at all. I might take the odd photo here and there on my phone, but that was about it. I still love photography, and in a way, I hope that having an output for my images here, no matter how few people ever see them, will give me a reason to pick up the camera again and go and shoot something that isn't a wedding every now and then.

Depending on when you're looking, the number of images below might be small or vast... either way, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The differences in the collections are likely stark, and I have a thing for black and white so expect to see plenty of those. As always, there's the story of each image below the photo.